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Out Sourcing
As your outsourcing partner, FCS brings world-class processes, global expertise in application development, and our legacy of best practices to enhance the value of your application portfolio and to help you weather every successive wave of business and technological change.
Our IT service delivery is built on the premise that you need a global IT partner that can truly integrate your enterprise, whether that entails a legacy mainframe application, client/server systems, or the latest CRM, web, or data warehousing approach. We call this Latest to Legacy, and in short, it means FCS has the experience, methodologies, and consultant training to fully integrate your organization as you work to build your own Digital Ecosystem.
Since our inception, FCS has been committed to mastering and leveraging the latest technologies to help our customers achieve maximum utility and value. In order to stay ahead of the competition, FCS's best minds are looking into the future to anticipate trends and prepare services that will adapt to the changing face of technology.
FCS often analyzes tool and software options for clients to make the selection for the software package to match a client's requirements, future plans, and business processes. Maintaining objectivity is critical in such engagements, and FCS's objectivity ensures that our customers get the best solutions. We don't make money by selling software licenses, so we are empowered to make informed and objective recommendations on the best software packages for our customers.
Winning a customer's business is hard work. But it is nothing compared to the effort required to KEEP that customer. That's why FCS is very proud of our long list of customers who consider us a long-term partner in their business.